• Customers increasingly trade everything electronically and expect perfect execution – trade breaks damage your reputation 

  • Trading algorithms, risk models and regulatory reports all demand high levels of accuracy from the start of the trading day – otherwise garbage in equals garbage out 
  • Automated clearing and settlement processes can generate 10,000s of exceptions – all requiring manual intervention 

Financial institutions spend millions of dollars to ensure data is good enough, to manage trade breaks and to handle manual exceptions, fixing issues after the event. Better to avoid issues by using the RDU – a simple solution to your complex security reference data needs. 

The RDU transforms this landscape by delivering complete, accurate and timely securities reference data to you before the start of the trading day. This high quality security master is provided as a 24 * 7 managed service, built in collaboration with demanding global banks and is maintained to the highest quality standards as a by a team of reference data experts using a sophisticated data management platform. 

The RDU offers the following security master coverage: 

  • The best Futures and Options reference data on the market sourced from 100+ exchanges with extensive attribute coverage at both product and contract level; fully cross-referenced with all key market identifiers; fully maintained underliers and demonstrably better data quality 
  • Vendor sourced Equities, fully cross-referenced with all key market identifiers and with corporate actions reliably applied by the start of the trading day 
  • Vendor sourced Fixed Income, with the full cross-reference and corporate actions reliably applied will be available in early 2020 

A growing range of regulatory reference data is also available.