The RDU offers a complete set of reference data for your trade and transaction reporting requirements, normalized for easy integration. All of the instrument reference data that you need to meet your trade and transaction reporting obligations can be delivered either as data files for integration into your security master or through REST based APIs that offer simple trade by trade integration within your trading workflow. 

The RDU offers: 

  • Full support for MIFIR / MIFID II pre-trade price transparency, post-trade reporting and transaction reporting, across all asset classes, with all of the thresholds, liquidity flags, ToTV determinations and counterparty status that you need to accurately report. RDU removes the complexity of OTC Derivatives with full integration into ANNA DSB through a simple to use set of APIs 
  • Complete clarity of the Systematic Internaliser services available across Europe down to individual security level 
  • A Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR) service that makes it easy to enrich your SFTR trade reports with security / collateral quality, security type, CFI code and Issuer details that are required by the regulator 

The RDU provides cost effective access to the securities reference data that you need whether your trading coverage is narrow and specialised or broad and all encompassing.