The TLM SmartRecs significantly widens the number of business users able to configure reconciliations. This enables financial institutions to reduce on-boarding times, thereby achieving greater operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

New reconciliations can be quickly constructed and, importantly, the solution allows complete reuse of all existing configuration components. Where a file format has been used before, its mapping can be reused, similarly where match rules have been used before, they can also be reused. Organisations can achieve even more rapid on-boarding times as they are not obliged to build each configuration from scratch. 

The module supports organisations managing regulated transactions, allowing replicable, standardised reconciliations processes to be put in place. TLM SmartRecs automatically creates full, accurate reconciliation data for every transaction, building a detailed audit trail. Organisations can therefore demonstrate to regulators that robust, auditable reconciliation processes are in operation as well as a fully documented reconciliation configuration.