Whether firms are looking to replace inflexible legacy systems, build an internal processing utility, utilise SaaS or outsource the entire transaction processing operation, SmartStream offers a range of financial reconciliation solutions based on our innovative and award-winning TLM technology that delivers:

  • More efficient operations, replacing multiple point solutions and eliminating silos with a single strategic reconciliations platform
  • Higher levels of STP through the industry’s leading automated match rates
  • Reduced operational risk by automating manual and paper-based systems to create proactive and exceptions-based transaction lifecycle processing 
  • Rapid on-boarding of reconciliations without compromising on the accuracy of match results
  • More cost-effective operations with the ability to manage higher transaction volumes with a lower headcount
  • Greater visibility into reconciliations and outstanding positions by taking a pre-emptive approach to managing exceptions as they occur throughout the lifecycle
  • Improved Return on Investment (ROI) by migrating existing and new reconciliations onto the TLM platform
  • Enhanced customer service as reconciliations evolves from data matching function into a value-added exception investigation and resolution resource