By automating a manually intensive, paper-based process, the service greatly reduces the risk inherent in managing the event process. It captures, cleanses and presents a normalised view of corporate actions related information from any source in any format.

TLM Corporate Actions Event Management On Demand can be pre-populated with data from a data vendor of choice, or SmartStream’s Data Management Service.

As a result of its innovative approach to event management, the service:

  • Enhances visibility through a single online database of all corporate events that affect client portfolios
  • Reduces exposure to losses or missed events prevalent in the manual processing environment
  • Lowers operational overheads through its SaaS delivery method
  • Provides enhanced event broadcast capabilities to internal and external clients
  • Enables the rapid qualification of custodian event notices
  • Delivers greater visibility into tasks via a team view, enabling managers to monitor workload through the day