Banks must now ask a greater number of ‘what ifs’, in order to identify threats and counter possible liquidity crunches. Credit risk is increasing with direct impact on a bank’s liquidity. The ability to model the potential impact of such occurrences is no longer simply a regulatory box-ticking exercise but a matter of self-protection, and even survival.

SmartStream’s Intraday Liquidity Stress Testing module allows banks to define and run stress tests on demand, utilising existing data. The solution supports both BCBS 248 and additional scenarios to meet in country and internal requirements, offering a range of parameters.

The module provides comprehensive, real-time reporting as well as sophisticated analytical capabilities and liquidity risk metrics. The Stress Testing module integrates quickly and easily with SmartStream’s TLM Cash and Liquidity Management solution. It is available on a standalone basis, too, including via the cloud.

Enhance your stress testing capabilities with SmartStream’s advanced intraday liquidity stress testing technology, which assists financial institutions to keep pace with evolving regulatory stress testing, as well as model additional scenarios – but without the need for large teams of staff or weeks of laborious manual effort.