This training methodology is flexible yet comprehensive. It is focused on the speedy and effective transfer of product knowledge and best practices utilising several delivery methods including computer-based training and instructor-led training.

Whether the requirement is one-on-one or audience focussed training, SmartStream’s training is designed to meet the needs of all users, supplying a fixed curriculum for new users encompassing a generic introductory level of product administration. A more advanced training solution is available for more experienced users requiring greater knowledge of the products.

SmartStream offers four types of training :

  • Solution Overview - available to any suitably qualified user who requires an overall understanding of the solution's main objectives and functionality.
  • Live Support for Solution Operation - available to those responsible to maintain the underlying environment in support of the solution and its users.
  • Solution Configuration - available to any suitably qualified user who is responsible for creating and maintaining business processes to support the solution, and those who require an understanding of the solution's processes and configuration procedures. e.g. business analysts, IT solution configurers.
  • End User Operation - available to any suitably qualified user who requires and understanding of the solution's process and its configuration in order to perform day to day operational tasks. e.g. business users.

Users are left fully equipped to manage and maintain their mission critical systems and processes, thereby enabling them to fulfil their responsibilities.