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Industry Reports

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Regulatory Data Handbook 2019/20
A-Team Group: Regulatory Data Handbook 2019/20
Industry Report

As well as detailing regulatory obligations, there is added information on data and data management requirements for each regulation, and links to additional texts and publications. Many of the regulations are complemented by suggested solutions from SmartStream.

PDF document pdf 3867.0kb

Putting in the lab
ABCDs with SmartStream: AI > Blockchain > Cloud > Data
Industry Report

How and why SmartStream is taking a white coat approach to testing new applications for artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain.

The number of fintech solutions on the market increases as the industry gains trust in them. But wider choice brings added confusion, with the danger that decision-makers in financial services begin to feel like harried tourists in a digital souk.

PDF document pdf 24992.0kb

FRTB Special Report
A-Team Group: FRTB Special Report
Industry Report

A comprehensive roadmap to the specific data requirements imposed by the new FRTB rules. Gain insight into the key challenges of implementation, the competitive and commercial opportunities stemming from effective enterprise-wide application, and the potential threats from late execution or non-compliance.

Explore the challenges of data sourcing, data lineage, data management, capital calculations and reporting requirements. Understand the timeline of the regulation, and learn what is needed to help your business effectively comply within the limited timeframe available.

PDF document pdf 4231.0kb

A-Team Group MiFID II handbook
A-Team Group's MiFID II Handbook 2018
Industry Report

A-Team Group’s MiFID II handbook, is a review of how firms have fared since implementation of the regulation on January 3, 2018, the compliance challenges still to be tackled, and the operational and business benefits of a strategic approach.

PDF document pdf 6709.0kb

Preparing for a New Era of Cash and Liquidity Management
Preparing for a New Era of Cash and Liquidity Management
Industry Report

Requirements for broader liquidity monitoring and increased liquidity thresholds is transforming cash and liquidity management practices and systems.

It is no secret that regulation on both sides of the Atlantic has been one of the primary drivers of operational practices and their supporting technologies across capital markets in the wake of the global financial crisis. In the decade since the crisis, the highest-profile changes have been made to the front and middle offices, but now the back office must fall in line with regulatory mandates.

PDF document pdf 1407.0kb

Waters: Cash & Liquidity Management
Liquidity - Bringing it all Together
Industry Report

Cash and liquidity management systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with firms prioritizing projects that can help meet regulatory requirements and deliver improved efficiencies for the business. In a bid to optimize liquidity management, the market has seen firms move towards intraday models and global liquidity engines.

PDF document pdf 2389.0kb

Trading Regulations Handbook
A-Team Group: Trading Regulations Handbook
Industry Report

This handbook has been developed to provide an at-a-glance guide to the regulation we expect to have the greatest impact on the trading operations of financial institutions of all types. The intention is to give you an easy reference guide to the main regulations affecting trading operations, allowing you to address questions as they occur.

PDF document pdf 5321.0kb

TABB Group Report
TABB Group: European Financial Markets - Preparing to Profit from Change
Industry Report

Europe’s capital markets stand on the cusp of their biggest overhaul in decades. From January 2018, a revised version of the region’s trading rulebook, the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II), will upend how markets operate, bringing more transparency across the trading lifecycle, and changing everything from the way trades execute to how deals are reported, cleared and settled. The breaking of the UK from the EU will also have a huge impact on the financial services industry, with further elections in France and Germany posing even more uncertainty.

PDF document pdf 377.0kb

RDU Handbook 2017
A-Team Group: The Reference Data Utility Handbook 2017
Industry Report

There has been a focus over the past few years on automating trading activities and other business processes, making it easier to manage growth in data volumes, deliver on faster settlement times and improve efficiency. Much of that automation has been successful, but it has also revealed the inevitable truth that automation is only as good as the reference data that supports it.

PDF document pdf 2025.0kb