Case Studies

  • SmartStream Technologies
    Collateral Management: Preparation for uncleared margin requirements and consolidation of legacy systems
    Case Study
    As a result of infrastructure changes and regulatory guidelines, this Tier 1 Bank needed to upgrade its collateral management systems. The implementation of SmartStream's TLM Collateral Management solution allowed the bank to consolidate its existing infrastructure and deploy a robust end-to-end collateral management solution that meets complex operational and regulatory requirements.

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  • Prudential
    Automating Bank Reconciliations to Support Business Growth for Prudential Singapore
    Case Study

    SmartStream's TLM Reconciliation platform provided Prudential with a daily, automated matching of money transfers, in and out, complete with an audit trail.

    Watch the video interview Part I & Part II

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  • Credit Suisse
    Credit Suisse Tackles Trading Fees & Expense Management
    Case Study

    SmartStream recently announced the expansion of their invoice processing agreement with Credit Suisse, to include the handling of listed derivatives brokerage fees, via its proprietary transaction execution fees and expense management software.

    In this exclusive interview Ben Harrison, the New York-based head of global brokerage, clearing and exchange efficiency and analysis at Credit Suisse, and ask him about the SmartStream arrangement and more. Ben Harrison shares how he and his team are turning the corner on controlling trading fees and expenses.

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  • Credit Suisse
    Fee management issues offer utility opportunity
    Case Study
    Credit Suisse built a commission fees and expense management system nearly a decade ago with the goal of improving efficiency for brokerage, clearing and exchange fees. SmartStream acquired the platform in December 2014, transforming the system into a utility model.

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  • Suncorp
    Customised collateral management to keep pace with regulatory and technological change
    Case Study
    As a result of infrastructure changes and regulatory guidelines, Australian firm Suncorp needed to upgrade its collateral management system to meet industry best practices

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  • SmartStream Technologies
    Top 10 US corporation strengthens account reconciliations with TLM® Balance Sheet Substantiation
    Case Study
    The solution provided the corporation with timely reporting across the entire lifecycle and the ability to shorten the cycle whilst tightening controls - allowing more time to focus on exception resolution.

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  • SmartStream Technologies
    Adopting a full reconciliation process for fixed income and equities on a single platform
    Case Study
    A leading Asian Investment Bank implemented TLM Reconciliations Premium to reposition its Listed Derivatives offering.

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  • Sydbank
    Leading the way in corporate actions automation
    Case Study
    Sydbank implemented the latest version of TLM Corporate Actions for its flexible, detailed configuration and the ability to provide a holistic view of activity.

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  • AMP - SmartStream Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM) Intersystem Reconciliation Software Solution
    Strengthening control and reducing operational risk
    Case Study
    As part of a Finance Change programme AMP implemented TLM Reconciliations to automate complex inter-systems reconciliations, increase match rates and drive down cost.

    PDF document pdf 134.0kb

  • Aviva
    Consistency, control & compliance - optimising General ledger reconciliations
    Roundtable Discussion
    General Ledger (GL) reconciliations form a critical business control function and yet for many organisations remain a manually intensive, fragmented task. SmartStream spoke to UK-based insurers Aviva and Prudential, to discuss the benefits of automation.

    PDF document pdf 826.0kb

  • Bank of Scotland Ireland - SmartStream Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM) Cash Management Software Solution
    Building a scalable, high growth business
    Case Study
    Bank of Scotland (Ireland) automated their Payments and Receipts processing with TLM to create a centralised process management hub that delivers greater operational control, lower costs whilst improving customer service.

    PDF document pdf 207.0kb

  • Caixa Geral de Depositos
    Automating a critical control function with proven technology
    Case Study
    Portuguese bank Caixa Geral de Depósitos, implemented Corona at the core of its back office, completely changing their operational control and risk management procedures, whilst improving customer service and supporting the banks growth.

    PDF document pdf 1153.0kb

  • Challanger
    Managing 400% volume growth with ease
    Case Study
    With reconciliation volumes and complexity increasing, Australian firm Challenger needed to automate its processes to increase risk control and deliver more scalable operations.

    PDF document pdf 200.0kb

  • CLSA
    Implementing Lifecycle Reconciliations, one step at a time
    Case Study
    CLSA, a leading Equity Brokerage and Research House in the Asia Pacific region, implemented SmartStream’s TLM Reconciliations to transform a predominantly batch based, manual reconciliations process into a highly visible, real time, lifecycle management process. The firm has eradicated manual, time consuming processes and achieved greater operational control over their entire transaction lifecycles.

    PDF document pdf 201.0kb

  • Colonia First State
    TLM Trade Process Management: The ideal platform for Colonial First State (CFS)
    Case Study
    CFS found that its infrastructure was expensive to maintain and operate and no longer capable of supporting their global business strategy. TLM Trade Process Management was selected to deliver a single Trade Management platform to automate cross-asset transactions through to settlement.

    PDF document pdf 317.0kb

  • SmartStream Technologies
    Corporate actions processing: Picking apart the real problems, one piece at a time…
    Executive Briefing
    There is still plenty to do before many of the issues in event processing are solved. Whether these are internal issues at a firm, or the wider debate around standards adoption and messaging format, corporate actions will continue to be a topic of discussion. One thing is for certain, SmartStream’s TLM Corporate Actions solution is well placed to tackle the real problems, one piece at a time, such as data cleansing or to manage the entire lifecycle.

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  • Finance House delivering automation of nostro reconciliations to support business growth
    Delivering automation of nostro reconciliations to support business growth
    Case Study
    Finance House PJSC, Abu Dhabi, wanted to introduce standardised processes to ensure the efficient integration and reconciliation of correspondent bank statements to reduce the potential for errors, and lower operational risk and costs.

    PDF document pdf 120.0kb

  • ING
    Moving the reconciliation process further up the transaction lifecycle
    Case Study
    ING Investment Management Australia has reduced costs and improved process visibility using TLM Reconciliations.

    PDF document pdf 158.0kb

  • Northern Trust
    Driving a new reconciliation methodology
    Case Study
    Global reconciliation across Northern Trust's operations was recently centralised, the priority was to consolidate reconciliation systems onto a global platform, one that could handle more than 30 million transactions a month running through its operations. To achieve this vision, Northern selected TLM Reconciliations as its enterprise-wide solution.

    PDF document pdf 152.0kb

  • Raiffeisen Bank International
    Intraday liquidity management for regulatory compliance and increased operational efficiency
    Case Study
    Raiffeisen Bank International AG made the strategic decision to select Corona Cash & Liquidity to obtain regulatory acceptance and create further efficiencies. The solution, built upon the bank’s existing Corona Cash environment, harnesses its quality data to meet liquidity reporting requirements of both the regulators and internal management teams.

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  • SmartStream Technologies
    The path to derivatives automation
    Roundtable Discussion
    SmartStream and two leading derivatives consultants discuss the path to greater automation and the barriers that stand in the way.

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  • RZB - SmartStream Corona Reconciliation Software Solution
    Delivering service innovation over the Internet
    Case Study
    In a competitive market, how to you deliver a service that stands out from the crowd? Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG (RZB) is the central institution of the Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group, created an innovative service that reduces risk and costs, while also delivering greater self-service to clients.

    PDF document pdf 204.0kb

  • Santander
    Creating a centre of excellence for reconciliations
    Case Study
    Santander is introducing shared service centres across its business to deliver operational best practice. Using TLM Reconciliations at its centre, Santander has created a highly scalable centre of excellence, consolidating processes and systems to reduce operational risk and improve efficiency.

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  • Syntel
    Building global networks to support business challenges
    Case Study
    SmartStream has partnered with Syntel to deliver a range of consulting and support services. This will enable firms to implement more cost-effective and efficient back office operations and to a faster time to market.

    PDF document pdf 1289.0kb

  • The United Bank
    The United Bank
    Case Study
    The United Bank selected SmartStream’s TLM solution for its cash/Nostro and ATM reconciliations, exception management and investigations, and archiving, implemented by SmartStream’s local partner Intercom.

    PDF document pdf 115.0kb

  • Vanguard Investments
    The business case for automating Corporate Actions
    Case Study
    To manage their expanding business Vanguard Investments has implemented TLM Corporate Actions – creating efficient, scalable processes that control risk and cost while delivering improved client service. The ROI has been immediate: numerous manual steps have been removed. Manual entry of critical data has been dramatically reduced and the validation of event notification has been automated.

    PDF document pdf 183.0kb

  • VUB Banka
    Centralising reconciliations to deliver greater back office efficiency
    Case Study
    Slovakia's VUB Banka has created a single reconciliations team using SmartStream's Corona at its head office in Bratislava, halving the number of reconciliations staff needed. This has delivered greater visibility into a critical control function, while also enabling the bank to efficiently manage its continued expansion.

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